IMUSA USA GAU-80102 Review

The IMUSA GAU-80102 Large Electric Panini Press is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to cook a variety of dishes from crepes to veggies to a nice, thick steak and more.


Floating hinge

The floating hinge feature on the IMUSA Large Electric Panini Press is really the big key to its versatility when it comes to cooking. The floating hinge allows for easy height adjustment, so that no matter what you’re cooking—whether it’s a pancake or a large, hearty sandwich—cooks thoroughly and evenly.

Quality construction

The IMUSA stands out on the quality front thanks to polished stainless-steel construction for a sleek, modern look that compliments most kitchens and dorms. The handles are “cool touch”, which means you don’t have to worry about getting burned while checking on your quesadilla.

Indicator lights

The GAU-80102 features easy to read power and heat indicator lights, which makes it a standout in the world of panini presses; at a glance, you know exactly when your press is ready to get to work.

Healthier cooking

The IMUSA panini press’s nonstick surface means you don’t have to use as much oil or grease when cooking your favorite foods. One gram of fat alone has 9 calories. By making this small change, you and your family can live a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing the foods you love.

Easy to clean

With the nonstick surface, cleaning the IMUSA Large Electric Panini Press is a snap. It’s a great way to cook a healthy meal when you know you don’t want to do a large cleanup afterward.

First impression

The IMUSA GAU-80102 Large Electric Panini Press makes a beautiful first impression sitting on the kitchen counter—that’s for sure. Looks aren’t everything, but it’s nice when a company takes aesthetics into account when designing a product.

As for function, I used it to grill some salmon and veggies for myself for a light supper. Everything came out beautifully. I also used it to make sandwiches for the kids the next day and they’re now in love with the panini press and want every meal to be made on it. (I kind of do too!)

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